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Globally Accessible Accounting and Inventory Control Application with you online store and e-payment interface. Internet or Web based Accounting and Inventory Control Application including a online store for your business with a shopping cart and credit card interface. Runs in an internet browser from any computer... learn More.
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Medical Store Accounting Software
Medical Store Accounting Software
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Web or internet based, browser driven software, globally accessible, secure and reliable, run from any computer, no software downloads, password protected, multi user accounting and inventory control application ...
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HiTech Financial Accounting Download - Accounting - Powerful and Easy accounting, Accounting Package, Free accounting, Company account Manager, solution for stock handling and billing management control, Barcode support inventory. No special barcode printer is required to print barcode.
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HiTech Online | resources for accounting software systems, products, HiTech Online is a web resource that enables businesses looking for accounting software systems to research accounting software for various business segments, web based accounting software.
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HiTech - Business Accounting Software, Invoicing, Inventory Control Software, HiTech - Business Accounting Software. HiTech is a premium Business Accounting Software providing comprehensive computerized accounting for any kind of entity.
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Sell your products and services worldwide

e-trading is very much traditional and conventional.

  • Low cost option to setup your online store with an e-payment interface
  • Enables you to sell your products worldwide from your office or home.
  • You can also setup online business accounting, inventory control and online store with shopping cart on your own domain name and 50+ POP3 emails for complete management of your business enterprise.
It is no substitute for your regular business methods but is an extended arm of your business and your goodwill.
Business around the world reach for wider horizons for proliferation. e-trading gets your products and services ready for the worldwide customers.

The standard application at www.accounts-on-web.com provides the accounting inventory control application for your business with all the standard functions. The application at www.e-trading.bz provides the online store and shopping cart interface with the above accounting and inventory control application.

You can purchase the shared access to these application whereby you can use these applications online and store your data on our web servers. You can choose and account from one of Express, Standard and Enterprise as per the requirements of your business.

You can also host these applications on your own domain name on a web hosting account or on a dedicated server.

You can use the services available on this website for your business for better business management in one of the following three manners:

Shared Web Application Access for web based accounting, inventory control, online store and shopping cart application with MS SQL Server Database on Web Server.

Setup e-trading (web based accounting, inventory control, online store and shopping cart) platform on your own Shared Web Hosting Account on your own domain name with MS SQL Server Database on Web Server.

Setup e-trading (web based accounting, inventory control, online store and shopping cart) on your own Dedicated web server with MS SQL Server Database on Web Server.
You save on the cost as you do not have to get the source code of the application in order to use it. You can also get the source code of ASP pages at additional cost if required by you, in this case we shall provide you FTP access to the website. We will deploy the application for you and you have no worries to have about web hosting. You will use your own user name and password to access the web application and POP3 mail boxes. Further into the above three categories we have made available multiple account types with different prices and features to suit your business needs resulting in very cost effective and professional e-trading solution for you at www.e-trading.bz.
Make business management effortless.

Now join this e-trading Platform and web-enable or e-enable your business to keep in step with the coming up futuristic business scenario.

Also this e-Platform work as the binding fabric for many of offices at distant locations of your business enterprise as it web based and the application runs in internet browser.

Free Trial

You can test drive the full featured web based application for accounting, inventory control, online store and shopping cart and see the utility and versatility of the same.

Trial membership is subject to discontinuation without any notice due to nature of trial accounts which is based on first come first served and FIFO basis. Please try to complete as much of work as possible in one session.
Click Here Online Accounting Price List for shared application, shared hosting or dedicated application server hosting accounts.
Please contact us at   for any query regarding these services.


One of HiTech Business Accounting Software

Business Management Software, VAT Accounting Software, Inventory Control Software, Free trial download of Business Management and VAT Accounting Software for Traders, Dealers, Stockists etc. Modules: Customers, Suppliers, Products / Inventory, Sales, Purchase, Accounts & Utilities. Free Trial Download.

Totally Free

Quick Financial Accounting
Accounts Receivables and Accounts Payable Software with Financial Accounting
Free Accounting Software

This feature packed software with full financial accounting is yours totally free. Enjoy HiTech accounting now free of cost.

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